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Disposable   This means single use. A disposable product should not be re-used due to the potential harm or loss of function its reuse can cause.
Examination   The use of this word in the label implies medical quality and that the product is for patient examination purpose. Sometimes ‘medical’ is substituted in as in ‘medical gloves’.
Extractable Proteins   Latex proteins have been found to cause allergy in some latex glove users. Extractable proteins are a class of proteins that can be extracted by water. It is believed that some of these proteins are responsible for triggering allergic reactions. The ASTM D5712 standard for testing extractable proteins using the modified Lowry Method is commonly used for its determination. The FDA allows manufacturers to make a protein claim on their products. A protein statement gives the users information to evaluate the safety of the products. There is no clinical data to establish the threshold safe protein limit since different people react differently.
FDA   Food and Drug Administration. This is the authority in the United States that regulates the approval, import and interstate distribution of all foods, drugs and medical devices.
Glove Count   A number stating how many gloves are inside a box. Gloves are usually not counted piece by piece, as it is too laborious. Instead they are weighed using the average weight concept.
Grip   Grip refers to how well we control the object held. A glove that wears like a second skin will give a better grip than a glove that is loose fitting, especially over the fingers. Grip also depends on the surface texture of the glove or how it is treated.
Hypoallergenic   This means ‘at a level so low that it is almost non-allergenic’. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has banned its use to describe examination gloves unless the manufacturer concerned can produce sufficient evidence to support its claim.

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